Saturday, July 19, 2008

How much is the dog in the window?

New Jersey trip was fun - well, mostly! Mostly because my kid sister's hospitality put my diet in drain and Aarti learnt the buzz word "mine" fighting with her cousin Lasya. So, otherwise it was pretty fun. I got a chance to experience the Mumbai Prabhadevi's Navakar grilled sandwich in the heart of Edison. Imagine all the money I'd saved on the flight tkts to sink my teeth into the luscious layers of cucumber laden with mint sauce?? Yum Yum.

Geeta and I painted the town a bright crimson. Yeah, red is kind of cliched. In the process we'd visited the Woodbridge mall twice. As always, visiting a Disney store was loads of fun. I scored a cute pink T with a piglet sketch which is now tucked into the armoire in fear of wearing something way too symbolic. LOL. Anyway, I wish I was as cute as him!

Cute brings me to the actual reason for blogging. After we'd loaded two hands full of shopping bags, Geeta volunteered to dump them in the trunk of the car so that our hands could get themselves around more shopping bags. In a desperate attempt to keep Aarti from running after her aunt, I dragged her into the nearest store not glancing again to make sure that I am not dragging her into the likes of Fredrick's of Hollywood! Thankfully it wasn't the kind at all. I ended up with my eyes locked with the most soulful brown eyes ever. They looked into mine almost like a plead. If having a kid didn't make me realise how much work caring for a kid is, I'd have picked that cute little pug (that I named Peppy the moment I set my eyes on him) and brought him home notwithstanding the hefty tag that was attached to his cage. But alas, pups are as much work and commitment as kids and that chickened me away.

So Peppy haunts me to date. And for once, I am extremely green of all the lucky souls who have the privilege of having a pet. One day, hopefully, when I am brave enough to let Aarti have a brother or a sister, I might let her have a Peppy! Till then Peppy, who is probably out of that cage and in some loving home by now, will haunt me with those soulful eyes!