Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The other day, when Santu and I were watching Kal ho no ho, I'd said that the likes of Jenny mom's character exist only in imaginations of people like Karan Johar. We did'nt break into our usual argument, since what he'd said in response stuck me as 'not arguable' (which makes me realise that we don't argue for the sake of arguments and it is not generation gap that triggers those things - But that is a different blog altogether!)
So steering back, Santu said about Jenny mom's character that we do meet so many such women in real life but they just go unnoticed. "How true" I thought to myself. We do meet many selfless, unconditionally loving, uncelebrated Heroes in our day to day lives and we just do not notice them because their characters are not played by Mrs Big B on the celluloid! They form a part of a less dramatic, real life drama that actually inspires those tear jerkers in fiction. Yeah, sad but true.
So, the idea here is not to be a feminist and focus on women who are heroes. I am sure that there are many men who are too - like Vanraj in HDDCS! But for convenience and also a confusion free (read focused) point of view, I'll focus on women, not necessarily the likes of Jenny who actually forgive their husbands' affairs and raise the off springs of those deceptions like their own flesh and blood, but also on the ladies who are in general pretty selfless and devoted to their spouses and families in an exemplary manner.
I wish I could talk about all the women I know and all the sacrifices they make and examples they set on a day to day basis, going unnoticed and uncelebrated. I wish I could post their pictures and names. I wish I could dedicate a verse or two as a tribute to those Godly attitudes. Oh, I wish!
I wish I could write about them since being like them takes a lot more than what I have.
Here's to all those substitutes of our Heavenly Father (or Mother) who live lives to spread the light of love - Unconditionally!

Monday, June 02, 2008

In Search Of

There are many definitions for life based on the situation and the person defining it. For me, for the moment, it defines itself as a search. And it is something that comes to us as 'just borns'. Look at the baby that barely opens its eyes - It is in search of a breast with closed eyes! Then the toddler that looks for candy kept out of his reach. Then comes search of toys and playmates and laurels and soul mates. Life is a vicious circle of searches, one bigger, one smaller but all of them, equally engrossing. Sometimes it is a search for lost things like love, sometimes it is for people, for money, for peace or even salvation!
At a higher level, the simple search dons the mask of a quest. A shopaholic is in a quest for deals, a saint is in a quest for nirvana and a writer is in a quest for an inspiration!
The search goes on, only to end in disappointments now and success now!
The most pleasurable of searches are definitely the ones that are not done with a motive, with a selfishness or an attempt to attain something!
The biggest of searches is the search to find oneself.
The toughest is the one to find a purpose of one's existence.
The sweetest is the search of simple joys, like the smell of wet earth, or the perfect wildflower in the path you take your evening stroll!

The simplest one and of course the most involving of searches definitely seems to be the search for bright hued ladybugs on the lush green spades of grass! Voila and the search for the perfect image ends there, capturing the half squatted derriere of a two year old, the spikes of green from the just sprung Gladioli add the accent to make a moment a Nikon moment!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


వెన్న తో పెట్టిన విద్యలా
నట్టింటిలో రంగవల్లి లా

అరవిరిసిన మొగ్గలా




హ్రిదయ అలజడులలో

అమ్మా అనే మధుర సంబోధనలా

భాష తో ఏర్పడ్డ భంధవ్యం

కన్న తల్లి లాలింపు వలె

ఎన్నటికి వీడని నేస్తం వలె

నా అంతరంగాలలో వెలువడే ఆలోచనలను

అక్షర రూపంలో ప్రతిద్వానించి

మాత్రు ప్రేమలో మాధుర్యం లా

తేటగా, లాలి పాటగా

తెలుగు పదజాల మాల

నా అభిప్రాయాల వేదికని




When thoughts swing
In the cool breeze of love,
When heartbeats sing
The hymn of devotion,
When a idyllic peace
Dawns upon the soul..
I would have had
A tete-a-tete
With my heavenly father -
My reassurance
When I am passing through a hindrance.
My hope
When everything seems bleak
My strength,
When weakness prevails.
One single flash of his image
In the darkness of pain
My world seems bright
And happy again!