Monday, May 05, 2008

Just like that.

The shutterbug Adorns her neck like a stiff necklace With a heavy pendant, heaving as she runs out in excitement - Like the little girl she is trying to capture.

A carpet of lush green blades unfold before her like the smile of the cynosure
that poses for the flash with mock expressions.

The earth shivers gently, every time those pair of feet jump up and down.
The shutter bug makes a desperate attempt to snatch a moment or two
from the passing time and freeze them on the lens of memories. Bushes in full bloom bask in the warmth of the evening light. Pollen files in the air causing a sneeze, a tear ,a discomfort in the lungs.

Everything seems worthwhile, everything seems wonderful, notwithstanding the cough, the sore throat, the stuffy nose, the watery eyes, the loss of appetite.

For the images captured are worth a million such allergies.