Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Not every picture is worth a thousand words. Consider this one to your left.
To be continued.


The horizon.
The city that looks like an open circuit
Form the view above.
Make believe amour.
Mirage like affection,
Deceptions of depictions
Of love, Of longing.
Transient titillations,
Turbulent vows.
Like a mask,
Over the ever pretending world around
Illusions make reality
Look like an illusion.
Beautifully bizarre.
Bizarrely beautiful
Untrue, Unreal, Unending
In a tale that only exists
In imaginations.


A pair of eyes
Looking at her
In the illuminated space.
They meet.
A thought sprouts
A familiarity dawns
Forlorn gazes
Feeling her features
With a tinge of anonymity
A tingle of mystery
Peepers fixed on the object of admiration
Wander all over her candle-lit face,
Failing to recognise an image
That looks back at her
Every time she gazes into the mirror -
For sometimes the greatest of mysteries,
The strangest of strangers
Are right there
In one's own reflection!