Thursday, March 13, 2008


From baking
My Thoughts into words.
From Dreaming,
From living
Life in the Alphabet.
From Loving
Font, print!
From Being what I want to be
For What I am
Takes precedence :-)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

virile pain.

Dawn to dusk
Thoughts layer one on top of the other,
Creating a shroud of memories
Covering the remnants of a broken heart.

A soul trapped in the webs of love
Grapples for freedom
Only to find itself more entwined
In the evil pangs.

A tear rises and drowns
The last traces of hope
Lingering around the numbed crevices
Of a dejected mind.

Love or something like it
Can kill without killing!
Ask his deceased feelings
That tell truth
playing peek-a-boo
In the macho cast
Over the face of a shattered dream.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Look Back !
Some one is yearning for your touch!
Hear again !
A cry for a moment of togetherness perhaps?
Care for a second glance?
You can see a stream of tears
Flooding the ambiance of someone's soul
To get another peek at you!

A little grip
Holding tight - the fabric that drapes your being
A tiny fist,
Trying to embrace your leg
Craving for your attention.
A wee hope
To hold your gaze a flash of a second longer
Than it lingers around that tender face.

An empty tummy
Starved of hope.
Longs for a morsel of affection
You can feed it perhaps
You can fill it perhaps
with just an askance glance
Of concern.
You can change it perhaps
If not the whole world
With just one word of love.

Monday, March 10, 2008


A furnace of emotion
Free flowing tears
Radiant smiles
Dark fears
Bright hopes.

A fire,
An amber of humanness
A spark that transmutes
Into a Blaze of mortality,
leaving ashes of vulnerability.
Something an erratic soul
Wishes to repel, reject, resist?
In pursuit of Truth.
To emerge as a little drop
In the ocean of the Omniscient.

Lest You be Judged.

It is unfortunate that we judge people all the time. Judgements based on things that could be false or prejudiced. We get judgemental based on appearances, conversations and even preferences. It is unfortunate. Very!

Dear Heavenly Father, make me slow to Judge ( Or get me over being judgemental) and quick to forgive!

Sunday, March 09, 2008


A package I sent in late 05 to a cyber friend made it to it's destination in Long Beach, CA last week !
And I never believed stories about deliveries that were done 30 years late. There are some things that I can believe, for everything else, there is USPS :-DDD.