Monday, May 30, 2005


Midnight is the time when profound thoughts strike me.
Is orange the color named after orange the fruit or is it the other way round?
why is yellow not called banana or banana not called yellow then? How about apple and red???
No matter how childlish the ponderings are, they are indeed thought provoking.

Sunday, May 29, 2005


My yearning to create a better work space made me paint the office room. The room has an inaccessible wrought iron balcony that stages some fake flowering plants to add that splash of color. I tried to bring that hue in. After our thirty minute pondering over the color pallettes in the paint section, I ended up with a creamy orange shade, which looked more orange than creamy when applied to the walls. But warms colors have a thing about them and I liked the way the room turmed out. The color in the balcony tied up with the color inside but my quest for creativity prompted me to think of a border to go around the top of the wall. I asked for a few suggestions and did'nt find any strinking or challenging enough. I googled "office space wall paper borders" and came up with an exhaustive selection, but none of them pleased the discerning eye in question. A thought flashed across my mind, unconvincing in the beginning but appealing as the time passed by.
Fast forward to a four rung ladder, a bunch of talkon brushes and acrylic paint in bright hues that define windows paired with a semi seasoned hand that makes things appear a lot easier and an enthusiasm of a three year old, Bill gates' windows adorn the now colorful office space. The prime colors add the required splash and voila, the place becomes complete. The arched window with the wooden blinds and the wrought iron balcony and the microsoft windows that seem to pop on the wall stage the same thing. What is that word? color!!!