Friday, June 25, 2004

Googling away.

Did any one make it a verb yet??
Google..My window to the world. google took me to wherever I wanted.
From knowing more about Simon Fuller to researching on mineral makeup that is made from mother
nature without any fillers and chemicals.
In my initial years of googling, I ended up in everyplace my curiosity took me to. From online shopping to Delphi forums
where the common denominator to women is the makeup they used or the soap they followed. The otherday, I wanted to
to extend my culinary skills by cooking nan on a stove top...Guess what? I googled.
I googled my way thru Kenn Starr reports, Chinese horoscopes, music, art and the whole nine yards. This window to the
world is lot unlike the window of
the enquiry counter in a remote railway station a decade ago...but it is a lot similar.
what do I do the next time I want to learn more about Neil Amstrong or the muscular governor of our state? Yes, Google them.
And do I like googling my time away?


well, Blog Blah_blah. This can be a stage for my self proclaimed writer. writing my time off(no pun intended) and finding a path that leads me away from my Blah_blah into something sensible and mature. Sensible? Mature?
What is maturity anyway? I have to quote something.
"Maturity is how you deal with the child in you, and most importantly how you deal with the child in Others"
This quote stemmed from an average conversation.
The moral of the story (which jumped form writing to sensibility, to maturity) is to let things take their natural course and continue the Blah Blah. Who knows where all this blah blah would lead to?
Like I said,May be to something sensible and mature....Methinks.