Wednesday, March 01, 2017


In every dream,
Vision -
Hand in hand 
My partner walks
Yanking me toward fun and frolic,
Cake walk kind of choices.
My buddy helps me kick those heels
Of high and lofty ideas.
Waking at daybreak,
Deep breathing, mindful eating.
Or even musing on this virtual dais..
Instead the pal cuddles with me
On the recliner with a morning cuppa.
Piles of noble intentions,
Wait like well trained kids.
Without a tantrum or eyeroll!
This mate of mine
Keeps guilt at bay..
Makes me think I am here to stay.
Those tubes of paint, that blank bland canvasses
That path untread with a high on sweat!
Those unmade calls, unrealized strolls
Their wait indefinite, their plight unheard!
I snuggle up with my fling..
And this shiny screen thing -
Who wants sleep, when the world peeks in?
Inspirations hit like contractions.
To see the labor of love...
The voyuer prevails soaking in the beauty
And smothering the will to create.
High time I thought, I'd banish that dude..
My partner in crime, dear mister Procrastination