Wednesday, January 04, 2017

New Leaf

As mother earth completes another revolution around the sun and my life turns on to a brand new year, I make a  desperate, albeit feeble attempt to pulverize my block into powder and record an entrey in my blog. Fair warning, full stop :-)

Random titbits of 2016

My best friend from childhood visited me along with her family, crossing the proverbial seven oceans. The cherry on top is that our men gel like Fevicol ki jodi :) -  General lesson learnt in 2016 about friends - the ones who love you will be there no matter what! All else are just acquantiances.

I called 911 for an emergency involving my baby that turned one year old a day before. She bumped her head on the hard wood while attempting to standup. She didn't swallow on her crying and did a momentary passout. Self discovery - I am extremely composed in crisis to a point where I wonder if I have feelings.  I am extremely grateful that she did just okay after that and had no concussions etcetera.

I always thought that compatibility with the teacher wouldn't or shouldn't matter, till my first born found the teacher of her dreams this academic year and is so motivated to do her best that she completed her year worth of reading points in her first trimester and got an immaculate report card with straight As. Lesson learnt - I stand corrected and the next time her school sends out a questionnaire to ask input about the kind of teacher my kid would prefer, I would not send it to the trash folder.

I made a piligrimage to Varanasi - the ultimate destination of The Hindu relegion and saw first hand what the hype was all about. Ganges, the river of legends has a life of her own and I was left strangely captivated in the impossibly narrow streets of the city.

The toughest job, officially, is to manage a class of middleschoolers while trying to teach them something as abstract as language arts. It also, somehow , manages to be the most fulfilling job ever.

When I do not react to mushy, sentimental viral videos and inspirational, emotional or tearjerking social media shares, when I don't laugh out loud to half baked, logic defying, trying to be funny movie plots - I wonder if I grew a brain in place of my heart. But then, my occasional obsession of searching for Matt Damon and watching all his youtube interviews, and reading all about him and his wife and his four daughters once in a while acts as reassurances that I am cukoo enough to not turn into a total Howard Roark ;)

I continued to have the attention span of a two year old, in terms of my inspirations to paint on the nine oversized canvasses waiting to be bathed in color and talent (grin) - Ironically, I still refuse to be time bound even while I sense it slipping away. My resolution for 2017 is to also achieve the matching non-botheration level of a two year old.

In 2016, I got to heaviest I have ever been - to a point of ten pounds heavier than the date of my delivery and I am completely at peace with it. But I do nurture a secret hope, which isn't all that secret anymore, to run a marathon.

I let go of all baggage in the bygone year. I lost a few so called friends, some probably didn't even notice that I lost them, but I still did confront my own displeasure in how my friendnship wasn't of much value.  Surprisingly, I have no hard feelings or grudges. Just moved on and closed doors that should have not been. also outgrew my love for bags and didn't buy materials for personal use such as clothing, accesories et al. My kitchen gadget craze shined through reassuring all and sundry that I didn't renounce the world afterall :)

I judged a tad less, smiled a tad more but blogged seldom. Which brings me to the point of this blog...'keep writing' is the formula...something sensible to ponder upon is perhaps lurking around the corner..
Let the hope brew...:)

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