Friday, July 18, 2014


The heap...
Of broken, scattered thoughts
Like a buldozed home
Of love and dreams!

The bricks, loose and  chipped
Faling apart, from the shelter of  peace!
Was it adamence or naivety?
Was it  arrogance or folly?
That tore the nest!
The birds fly haywire
Life's joys all crumpled.

Ego..a mighty nasty thing,
That leaves just one to love!
Alone and abandoned
In our first love and last love...
Self love.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Last night, between tending to a sick child and feeling the onset of a viral inside my gut, I had a very nocturnal bout of restlessness. Normally it happens to be 'energy' instead of restlessness but tossing n turning between the sheets got a little too much when I pulled out my companion in loneliness - the screen that unfolds the world infront of me. My dependency on Google got to an alarmingly funny level that the other day I absentmindedly opened my home page to locate my wrist watch on Google search..and no, I did not make this up :-D

Now, the profoundness that strikes me usually does so post the odd hours and last night wasn't any different. I quickly got into a soul searching, spiritual mode and pondered upon how one could guage one's spiritual progress in life. According to my relegious and spiritual beliefs, the soul reincarnates and transitions from one body to another till it reaches the point of salvation. Different branches and schools of thought perceive this whole reincarnation thingie in different perspectives but they all seem to agree on a couple of things - that Salvation or Nirvana is the ultimate  destination of the soul and spiritual progress is the one that takes us towards it.

No matter how much we learn or earn, the moment our soul discards our body, we are supposed to find a new outfit and learn and earn ( unless we find ourselves in the lap of Queen Elizabeth as her great grandchild or for that matter, in the lap of the neighborhood landlord, in wich case, earning becomes optional ;-)) Spirituality, on other hand, is something that is carried forward. You make 80 percent progress til this birth, and in your next, though you start from your alphabet in worldly leaning, you start at eighty one percent in spiritual front. Cool! Isn't it?

So, in a jiffy my curiosity and google dependency all rolled up into one and I did a silly search to see if there was anyway to findout my own spiritual progress. Google doesn't disappoint. Does it? And I did get a few pages of results..primarily from Christian websites, urging me to take a quiz and gauge my  spirituality. I picked up a legitimate looking option on the first page, and clicked on it. Indeed, there was - a quiz that could tell me the miles I had travelled on my path to nirvana and I sincerely took the quiz. Now if anyone is taking one such quizes, do you guys give honest answers or the ones that might give you the result you are seeking? There were hypothetical situations and options for the way one would react to them. I picked the loftiest of the options, my guilt complex warning me that those idealistic paths might not be the ones an average human being might choose in reality.

I waited for the result page with baited breath, feeling the closest to the gates of heaven and basking in a self induced glory of being an elevated soul...but the computer asks me if I am single and want to mingle...with souls at my spiritual level of course! (Insert a wicked, helpless laughter) I chose tge 'No' option. Do you think it left me there? No freaking way!! it wanted me to enter my mobile number and email address so I can be texted or emailed my spiritual graph along with profiles of 'likeminded' spiritual sous :-)) Ironical as life gets,  So much for spirituality and its benchmark!  The wicked, helpless laughter somehow eased my nerves and shortly after shutting the iPad case clsed, I slipped into slumber tgat cared less about the spiritual growth or compatibility with like minded souls on the world wide web!

How spiritual are you!? If you are weird enough to think in my lines, Ponder upon it if you fell the urge, but shut off your screen before you indulge your soul into that thought :-))