Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 11 - I for I - The all consuming.

There are things that amuse me about human beings - but nothing amuses me, more than that little 'I' - the manifestation, the ego, the self that consumes people across all ages, shapes, races and sizes. Hope I'll be cut a little slack - cause this is recycled from sometime in 2010 :-)

I, Me, Myself
Oblivious to all else!
Making the world revolve
Around one little "I"
Or what I like
And What I believe!
I, Me, Myself
And my religion.
My love for power
And loathe for all else.
My little self
Occupying the center stage
While there are wails
Of pain and hunger-
Of plight and Fear.
I, Me, myself
And what benefits me
Me and Myself alone.
Love and lust
All for myself -
Shunning all else.
One day, this I, Me, Myself
and My love for power
Shall probably be replaced
By the power of love
That looks beyond
I, Me, Myself
And embraces all else
As my own!

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  1. I know that "I" has been important throughout the ages, but I think it's become even more so in recent years.

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