Friday, May 03, 2013


     It's been an amazingly productive blogging month, though, I had many ponders that were put on the back burner, since I chose to blog in the verse form, taking it to a hardcore level of starting each line of the poem with the same alphabet :-)) And suddenly, when the month is over and my obligation to blog came to an end along with it, I realized that the ponders I wanted to blog about had vanished miraculously, or may be they are there, but the will to ponder upon them completely disappeared form the system.

     I thought, I'd reflect upon the challenge at least, and not let the lack of the pressure to participate come in between me and my blogging journey. So, here goes the unedited 'shitty first draft' christened 'Reflections'.
I took the challenge in last April - and when I look back at those postings, I clearly see how most of them were 'forced' to keep up the self-imposed obligation. This time around, I had a wonderful support system, an audience that stopped by for each post and said things that made me want to write more and more. It is just amazing, how a little encouragement takes us a long way in giving out our best. So, thanks to all the blogger friends who lavished their generous praise on my awkwardly chopped verses (if I could have the audacity to call them that ;-)
     I also had my world open up to many different shades of blogging - the travelogues, the mom's memories, the blogs that put a smile to your face, the blogs that dripped of sarcasm, making you laugh out loud, the pictorials that made me gasp, the personal stories, the fictitious ones, the book reviews, the humorous blogs, the Haiku poetry, the lessons of life profound enough for every grown up, though aimed to teach kids, the culture blogs, the was a true grand gala buffet of varied view points, and styles of writing. I did not for once, regret having stopped all the books I was reading before I started the A-Z journey, for the blogs I was reading were filling up for the bestsellers I choose to read. I made many friends, discovered many talents that I'd not have discovered otherwise.I should thank Arpna Singh for introducing to the A-Z challenge last year and being my biggest supporter till date, Corinne Rodrigues for leading me by example, and Shail Mohan for introducing me to all these gems of bloggers that I'd have otherwise missed out on - and more importantly for bringing me out of my 'talking to myself' mode of much as I enjoyed the calm and quiet of this blog, I must admit, I shall cherish, very dearly, all the visits, comments and attention A-Z 2013 had brought into my blogging world.

     Lastly, and most importantly, I discovered yet again, that writing on a regular basis does not really need a endless source of ideas or inspirations - All it takes is the commitment to log into the blog and make an effort to write...I was amazed at how productive I was the whole month, jotting down words from my memory bank and weaving ideas out of nowhere, just because I had the obligation of writing every day. It also made me realize that writing need not be  'intellectual' or 'creative' - it should just be sincere - and when sincerity reflects in your writings, even the most flat ideas come across as works of art ;)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 26 - Z for Zenith :-)

Zilch was the change in the pocket,
Zeal for life was speeding like a rocket,
Zig zag path to attaining success,
Zips up tight, to give more distress.
Zooming past, opportunities mock!
Zing and pizzazz stay under a lock.
Zest of triumph, please grace the track,
Zillion dreams, in reality, would stack!
Zen filled world, niftily unfold,
Zenith of delight appears, Behold!

:-) :-) :-)
That sums up the challenge.

It's been a joyous ride, thanks to all the company I had - and in comparison to how it went last year, I must say, this experience is a hoot! :-) I cannot believe that I managed to stick to a pattern all throughout, though, truth be told, I was tempted umpteen times to stray and do something else (Given my attention span of a two year old ;-))  For those of you who asked me how I did this - I have no clue! - Every day was an ordeal of sorts, but the saving grace was that thoughts did come easily on some days. I had discovered long forgotten words in my subconscious and stretched my limits to use unfitting words, just to stick to the self imposed tradition. Now, I am relieved that I can just do away with awkwardly chopped poetry and write paragraphs, uncensored, the way they emerge from the mind.

Thanks to all the regular readers, the regular feedback and to the lurkers as well - since this phase has seen the page loader shooting through the lap top screen. Makes me want to believe that there are many silent supporters who grace this blog.

Please keep it coming - silently or otherwise :-)

God Bless!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 25 - Y for Yearning.

Yards of expressions, from
Yesterdays to todays,
Yearn to come out,
Yielding fabrics of repose.
Yet, the grey cells, restlessly clamor
Yelping to yank you out -
You, stuck thought -
Yo-yoing in the rifts of the spirit -
Your hide and seek gets to my Nerves!
Yap out to me your intentions,
Yoke your form to my words!