Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 18 - R is for Rain

Relief comes, pitter-patter
Replenishing the earth,
Rummaging through fields,
Restocking the streams -
Rousing the fervor to sing and dance,
Recapturing bygone childhood,
Resplendent crystals of elixir
Revamp the nature.
Rhythm of your language,
Radiates the ambiance of my soul.
Reveal your brilliance - and in
Rapture the feet dance
Rejoicing like a peacock, while
Rhapsodies of cheer
Resonate in your melody!

P.S - May I request you tell me ten things you like about yourself, instead of leaving a comment for my work today? :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 17 - Q for Qualify

Quietly, silence sets in ,
Quarreling with the noise, in
Quest for answers to many
Questions bursting within.
Quenching the thirst for peace,
Quitting to fret,
Quickly the soul looks inward,
Quilting together, many a memory of
Quality  moments.
Quivering in remembrance,
Quelling down the rush -
Quantum of my grief
Quarters itself in that tranquility.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 16 - P for Paint

Peccadilloes of living, with
Pigments you camouflage,
Paraphernalia of musings,
Put on the grab of brushes and canvases.
Packed with palettes and perception,
Portraing pixels of expressions.
Perched on the penthouse of inspiration,
Patterns smear themselves,
Proclaiming the penchant for,
Pictorials, doodled with passion.
Poems and prose pick up the soul, but
pleasures galore drip with glee
Progressing into an ecstasy -
Provoking perpetual joy, laying
Patina of fulfillment, O
Paint you smear - Onto this
Petty presence,
Plentiful Prisms of peace.


P.S - painting had been an integral part of who I am. I find lots of joy in painting wall murals, especially the kiddo themed ones. Here are a few of my works. (yeah, taking this opportunity to brag a little! ;-)) I started my tryst with art as a young kid and it continues till date. I think this blog let me portray two of my favorite things side by side - writing and painting. Thank you all, each and every one of you,  for your generous  praise. It obviously inspires me to bring out my best. 

Pictures from top to bottom - Little Mermaid themed mural, Rapunzel and her tower, Dora and Boots, Winnie the Pooh and friends that adorn my art space, and finally my kid's bedroom done in the doll house theme. These are all acrylics on dry wall, done free hand :-))

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 15 - O for Opportunity

Once upon a foggy morning,
Obliquely, you appear
Overlaid on a shell of haze.
Opacity of ignorance
Oppresses the zeal to seek you,
Only to make the mind
Occupied otherwise.
Offering scope, you linger around,
Obliging that favor.
Oblivious, the eyes blocks the image,
Obscurely, you slip by,
Off and away.
Overcome by the rush to attain,
Option to choose you goes ignored.
Open up your gateway, yet again,
Obviously, please occur afresh!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 14 - N for 'Nocturnal'

Nightly, in the quiet of the sphere,
Niftily, you creep in..
Nudging vitality that eludes the day,
Nurturing untold sources of impressions.
Numberless buds of cognition,
Nubs of engaging tales,
Narrating gaily, with bug eyed zeal,
Nuances of suggestions!
Nimbly you sneak in, tiptoeing to a commotion,
Notions spark banishing the slumber,
Nursing brisk bustle in the brains.
Need for caffeine never arises,
Nuisance you are, for naps diffuse, into
Numerous little bits of spasms
Noting down nonsensical scrawls.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 13 - M is for Misplaced.

Musical stream of crystal waters 
Meeting the mighty ocean,
Mountains high and giant,
Mating the intense clouds.
Myriad of colorful blooms
Mixing with Muggy brown mud,
Melting fragrant wax,
Mingling with the flare of light,
Misty dew drops, snuggling with leaves,
Maple syrup soaking, moist pan cakes,
Mint ice-cream with chocolate chips...
Many pairs, blissfully united,
March hand in hand,
Medley of thoughts, forming the
Mosaic of expression, 
Manifest into sundry designs,
Mundane images materialize into
Magical depictions - But
Merging with melancholy
My verse gets misty, 
Missing your mellow touch, O
Mysterious emotion!
Motivate the muffled deliberation,
Muted in numb silence,
Mask this mayhem with your
Merry revelation.