Monday, December 09, 2013

It's complicated.

I step out, with your presence being felt on my skin. My hands curl into fists, resisting your strength. My whole being crushes under your invisible power. My lips let out a faint tremble. I fumble the thick pockets of my jacket for my sunglasses, to mask my eyes in the gloomy day, for they give out the intensity of your effect by getting all misty. I let out a wee smile, thinking of the bittersweet relation I have with you. Our date around the fire place, with ambers warming up the ambience and the hot cocoa I prepare to compliment your company slips into my throat, warming my gut. I get up, tip toeing, for you seem to weigh on my gait. I remember our last night's tryst...your presence coaxing me under the coziness of the play lazily with my cheeks, flushing them with your icy touch. My thoughts dwell on the day you would leave me. The impending time would soon take you away from me, leaving me longing for a longer night, for an excuse to lose myself in a deep sleep, taking the aid of your wicked existence around me, provoking my sloth, smothering my senses into your tight embrace. I wake up, stretching my laze away and bend down to check how much the petroleum jelly salvaged my cracked heels. Oh winter breeze, our relationship is very, very complicated. 

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