Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 22 - V is for Vexed!

Very bored, the keyboard yawns
Varying moods the mind dons,
Valid ponders run away from brains,
Virtual challenge takes to the drains.
Victory is five letters away,
Vacant is the idea tray!!
Variety kitty has a huge hole,
Vocab fails to take control!
Virgo, I is, striving for perfection,
Verse of mine, needs definite direction.
Verdict lies in your gracious hands,
Vouch for my commitment, cheer me as I falter,
Virtuously support a verbal defaulter ;-)


  1. no faltering there laxmi ; a whole hearted whoop for this one ; now this one is my favourite too :)

  2. If that is faltering ... than I don't know what is delivering !!!!

  3. Laxmi, I just love this one. It describes so perfectly the feelings that hit me when writer's block strikes. And the darn disease strikes ever so often.
    I particularly liked "Victory is five letters away, vacant is the idea tray." IF this is how you write when your idea tray is vacant, what will happen when your idea tray is bursting at the seams.
    And thrilled to know you're a Virgo too. :D

  4. Victory is just five letters away - woohoo. I think you did great with "V" - and we cheer you on though you definitely did not falter. Nice one.

  5. W.O.W!! I mean you can create a gem even when you are bored and/or drained... Awesome Laxmi!
    Loved this.. Victory is five letters away! Hang on... now just 4 more days!

  6. Dont "Veer" away stay on the course :P


  7. This is not faltering
    This is like vroom post :) very different
    Am sure you can do such "W"onderful posts in the following days
    Victory is only in 4 days !!! Yooohooo

  8. And I lovveeeeee Calvin Hobbes !

  9. Very V-post! And this comes when you are bored and your idea tray is vacant??... Wow!!!

  10. What fabulous writing! I am guessing you are joking when you say your idea tray is vacant :P :P

  11. V-sign for the post :-D
    Neat post! well structured and nicely directed. :-) Near perfect.

  12. Very well expressed ! what a beautiful way of presenting, i am impressed, thanks for sharing !

  13. Laxmi ,it is hard to believe that a writer's block can affect you ..ever !That is for lesser mortals like me.Awesome as always!

  14. verdict is faultless!!!

  15. Very very true indeed! My keyboard does yawn :P

  16. Writer's block and you? Then I'm permanently writer-blocked! ;)

  17. This is sheer brilliance! V for Victory to Laxmi!