Saturday, May 26, 2012


Aloneness, amid a bedlam of voices,
Smothered with the confusion of choices!
To smile - or to frown?
At this loneliness full blown!
Conscience dissecting the simplest of deeds,
Giving them a Karmic twist.
Every harsh action and word,
Emerging out of the isolation,
Redefining the perimeter
Of the heart's quarantine!
Lovelessness distorting
The many crevices of thoughts -
Your silence, your ignorance
Like slow poison
Inflict upon the lifeless heart
Many a brutal wound!
Let it reshape the very psyche -
This want to be wanted
Ah, how tangled,
In your hopeless love!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


She looks around,
The circles of sparkles -
Stacked neatly on her dainty wrist.
The henna stained palms
Forming a stark contrast
On her tender skin.
Delicate little rings,
Tracing the diameter
Of her long fingers.
Robust nail buds
In the color of health
Tipping them.
The hand knit fringe
Of her flowing dress,
Accenting the grace
Of her arms.
What looks good on my hands?
She wonders,
Twisting them in the air -
Like a ballet dancer!
He whispers,
Grabbing her wrist!