Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 25 - Y for You!

Yesterday, you walked into my life!
Yearning for love began.
Young heart fluttering at your thought,
Youthful dreams adorning my path!
Yahoo - my soul let out a shout!
Yodeling silly sounds of excitement,
Yelping like a overactive puppy!
Yesterday, you graced my world,
Years rolled on like moments,
Yet formed deep imprints on the heart!
You defined my life, almost like a theme
Yielding a rich crop of contentment.
Yarns of emotions woven,
Across yards of feelings.
Yesterday, you enriched
My whole entire being,
Breathing a new meaning
Into loving and giving!
Yesterday and for ever.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 24 - X for XXIV

Xemepting from spelling,
The Gen X blogger -
Makes an Xcentric entry
Xcluding rules of grammar!
Xcited about the Xecution
Xstatic for no reason,
Xploring balderdash,
Xclaiming insanity!
Xpressions stray from the path...
Xperiencing the high -
Of the mindless Xcitement.
On day XXIV!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 23 - W for World Wide Web!

Internet, the biggest of inventions of the modern times, the medium that concised the world into a three lettered protocol, the wagon of knowledge, the source of entertainment, the treasure of communication and connection, the window that unfolds an- abyss of information right on the illuminated screen you are reading this weird blog entry - is what charms me the most about my day to day life. I neither have a very rocking social life, nor do I meet a lot of people on a daily basis, but thanks to the world wide web, I'd discovered friends from another decade, made in the school campus and temporarily forgotten in the mad rush of growing up, I'd gathered a lot of information on the free encyclopedia that lists any darn thing you can think of, and grooved to the Michael Buble number on youtube and brought alive many memories of childhood while watching videos form the past. I weaved a world of my own, feeling like a time traveler.I grew up without growing old, I honed my many hobbies looking for recipes of international cuisines that I'd only heard names of in my growing years, and learned many a form of art form reading tutorials of accomplished people in their respective fields. The world wide web, that let me have my own little space, my own little cocoon as I call it - that takes me on a metamorphosis into a better person in this little speck of a blog is what enhances my life like no other worldly connection. They say that a book can take us anywhere, but with the world wide web, I get to experience a rich audio visual that tickles my imagination, answers my many questions and sweetens my life with its presence.
If it were not for the internet, I'd have probably been scribbling these lines on my journal, like I used to do as a young adult - or may be, I'd have not had a chance to say the things I just said or experience the many joys of life that take me into the universe of a web, a wonder, a wilderness that contributes to my life in a very profound way.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 22 - V for very.

Very! - a word denoting too much. Very happy, very angry, very vain, very silly! Well, very seems to enhance all the words that it is prefaced with. I just wanted to put here a run down of the verys in my life.
I am very lazy! Yeah, I am. I have bouts of energy hitting me - but I think my ruling planet, Venus, the very creative one - also happens to be very lazy - so the 'Very" before "lazy" is thus justified.

I live in a very pretty town - a true American town - very diverse, very nice weather (for the most part) very friendly - like the rest of the land of Liberty - and of course, Very much home now after living here for a decade.

I feel very blessed for the love that crossed my path - I have the best of friends out there - touch wood, that make my life very special.

I have a very good quality - I forget and forgive very easily. I think it my biggest strength - that nothing negative stays in my mind for too long. I don't grind axes, nurture grudges and stress my life out on who put me down or treated me bad. I think it is a very important quality to have - to forgive and forget. It makes my life very simplified.

I believe in God, Very much - call Him or Her with the name you want - I'd still believe in him. I think He is the one that keeps the world going - we can progress in science, technology, communication etc....but the very best connection we can ever establish is the one with our Heavenly father.

Lastly, I am very glad to be a part of this challenge - it opened up my life to very many avenues of thought, talent and expression.

Very thankful to all the clicks, comments, kind words, appreciations, brickbats (that make me better at what I do) and just for your mere presence on my cyber space.

Very gratefully,
Aarti's mom.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 21 - U for Utopia.

Unravel, the  dream -
United into a reality!
Under the umbrella of
Unity, peace and quiet!
Unfold an ecstasy,
Universal brotherhood,
Ultimate locale,
Uplifted by perfection.
Utopia - let the Earth be,
For you and me.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 20 - T for time, T for truth, T for trust.

Tricks of time,
Teaching us lessons.
Throwing tough challenges,
Thorns and tortures.
Tricks of time,
Healing wounds, fading nightmares,
Taking us on tomorrow's road.

Truth - dare to say it!
|Truth - abide by it
The one thing, that stands the test of time,
Trade it not - for tiny pleasures,
Take its side,
In trails and tribulations.

Tough to come by, tougher to keep
Trust is a treasure, a true blessing.
Throw it not, treat it well
Trample it not, Nor tamper with it!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day off - A look back at A-Z Challenge.

I was not a part of A-Z challenge because I wanted to be. My friend, the little one, as I call her - put much pressure on me, to a point where she logged into my blog to enter me into the contest. Regular followers of my blog would know how I blame my inactivity on writer's block. I often tend to write in bouts - while spasms of inspirations hit me at the most inconvenient time to blog - which is usually past midnight. A-Z blog opened me to a whole new world, a world inside me that I discovered on the journey so far, and to the outside world of talent, creativity and intellect that unfolds in the many fellow bloggers participating in the challenge. I was surprised how easy it was to write when I had a prompt to write upon, even though the prompt in question was a single, solitary letter. I have only a few more days to successfully complete this challenge, but I do hope this journey into blogging breaks my block for ever and inspires me to write about all that I think. And due to some personal challenges  I am facing at this time, I find it hard to visit all the blogs in the list, but I am sure, once the time constraint is lifted, this journey shall make me more regular at discovering the very many talented writers out there. Little one, thank you for this gift of thought and creativity! :-)