Saturday, April 07, 2012

Day 7 - (G) - God, Give me!

Glittering stars in my sky,
Great friends that standby!
 Gleeful days, good and bright!
Gorgeous nature in my sight!
Giant belief that you shall stay
Guiding me by night and day!
 Generous blessings, sent my way,
Gentle breeze, genuine smiles,
Glorious paths, golden hearts,
 Gurgling streams to quench my thirst!
Greener pastures all along,
Gifts of giving, sharing, caring!
 Gems galore of lofty thoughts!
 Grab my hand, hug me tight!
 Glow your light in days of plight!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Day 6 - F for forgiving, forgetting.

As a child, I used to be endlessly charmed by the daily prayer we said in our school assembly, that was addressed to Our Father in heaven - which said, "And forgive us our sins - as we forgive those who hurt us, Oh, Forgive us our sins! When I heard those lines, it stuck to my immature, evolving sense of right and wrong that "Forgiving" is more divine than anything else in the world. And then I grew up. I saw a fair share of forgivers, non forgivers. I saw vengeful behavior that was pretty understandable. But more often than not, being vengeful is a two edged sword - when you seek revenge, you also inflict a part of that hurt on you. There are people who lead enemy centered lives, changing their course based more on how it would effect the enemy than it would effect them. I recently read a quote which said - "By forgiving, I give up my right to hate the person who had hurt me." But the point is, what would we achieve by hating? May be solace, may be just a satisfaction that we're undoing the damage done to us. I had to reply to the message saying "Forgiving saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred and the waste of energy" - it is not an original quote but one that I'd read as a child and I'd held on for a long time. I did cross paths with people who I despised. I probably led an enemy centered life for a few days - trying to do things based on what the other person was doing. I nurtured the hatred with a steady supply of negative emotions, anger and loathe. But then it dawned upon me that when we let it go, we are free in a whole new sense of the word free.
A few years ago, I'd followed a news that shook the nation - a gunman that entered a school and shot innocent children in a Parish community. I was moved to no end to read that Parish folks that interpret the bible literally, the very parents who'd lost their children to this mindless, senseless act of a suicidal gunman, actually forgave him and attended his funeral on the side of their own off springs. Now, this is an exemplary event - something that most of us would not have the courage or will to do. But on a smaller scale, there are things that people do to us - cheating, lying, robbing etc. These acts seed in us the same negativity that they are born from. It is very tempting to retaliate to an insult and I think it is human nature. But when we make that retaliation the center of our universe, we miss out majorly on enjoying the better things in life. Yes, it is a prerogative of the wronged to avenge for it - but it becomes a parody when our own instinct to avenge for it poisons us from within to a point where we become mentally equal to the ones that wrong us. When you love someone, you house them in your heart and when you hate someone, you house them in your mind. In your mind that lets you discriminate from good to bad, the one that distinguishes us from other species in the world. Forgiving is an enormous feat, divine - easier said than done - but blessed are the ones who, forgive, forget and move on with the positives in life.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Day 5 - E for emotions.

Emotions enter,
Each one engulfing
Exciting, excruciating,
Empty and Envious,
Evolving, encompassing
Eccentric, endearing.
Emotions capturing
Eternal souls.
Entourage of emotions
Enduring, enlightening,
Elegantly etched,
Enormously felt
Enigmatic, energetic,
Embarrassed, ecstatic.
Enjoy them, enthrall in them
Eschewing the bad
Embracing the good.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Day 4 - D Dreams

Dreams, dancing daintily,
On Drooping eyelids,
Dreams, like destiny,
Dangling divinely
Divulging destiny.
Like destinations dim
Decorated with dazzle
Defining Delight.
Dreams, dear dreams
Delightful, Dramatic
Disclosing Desire.
Dead Dreams
Dragging on Dungeons
Dark and Deep!
Dreams decked,
Devotedly delusional
Daring to defend
Delicate dilemmas.
Delightful, deceitful,
Drawing lines
Draping danger,
Down they land
On windows to the soul.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

(Day 3) C - Confession

My dearest Girl in the pink scarf -
Call it stupid, or just plain cuckoo - but from the moment I set my eyes on you - I am lost in a world of my own. I seem to think about you all the time, tangled in the fringe of your pink linen scarf. When you were walking on the side walk, with the leash held daintily in your hand - I for once, wanted to be the poodle - that cute, cuddly poodle of yours. I wonder what name you fancied for him! But to me he looked like Luke - Don't ask me why he did look like Luke and not like Buddy or Max. I followed you all along, trying to not make it too obvious that I was stalking you - Kind of!
Geez - I did actually stalk you? Shame on me. Only the other day, I proclaimed to my gang of friends that I am my own person and can never fall in love. Lo and behold, I find myself - like I said - tangled in that lush fringe of the pink scarf - appliqued with white organza flowers. By God, you have got some taste. The baby pink of the fabric brought out the same robust, healthy hue in your cheeks - making me wonder if the scarf added beauty to you, or you did to the scarf.
You are quiet a fashionista though - I thought of myself as a rock star with the Medusa tattoo and the piercing on my right eye brow - but I just wonder how you achieved that look of yours without piercing any needles into your epidermis. You'd rewritten a couple of things for me - Style and then my own destiny that was not too long ago, written in bold italics the way my maverick mind deemed fit.
And then again, in all the nineteen long years I'd walked on this Earth, and breathed its air, I never ever dreamed that this day would dawn upon me - sneaking in on me like a reality slap. All the guys that hovered around their girl friends made me sick to a point where I wondered why mating is so over rated - and then the magic happened - as much shallow as the concept of 'Love at first sight' seemed - I feel I am a victim of it. And I am not complaining.
If you find this confession any sincere or any serious, I would be much honored if you meet me at the coffee shop. I shall show up in my ragged jeans and the Medusa tattoo on my right arm showing - I hope you do not have a pet aversion to piercings and also hope that you think of me as much a rock star as I think of myself. I promise to you though - that you'll not regret it if you chose to give me a chance.
Please wear the pink scarf when you come to meet me - I just need to untangle myself off of it - or wait a minute - may be I'd love to be tangled there - always and for ever.
Hope to see you soon.
Much Love
The Boy with the tattoo, piercings and electric blue hair :-)

Sunday, April 01, 2012


Aspirations align in the ally,
Achievements await ahead.
Allure of ambitions,
Accelerating to reach the acme
Almighty awakening,
Aiming to attain !
Abstract adventures,
Attack in ambiguity.
Altruistic attitude,
Absolute affirmations
All walking away
Alighting with aplomb
Adorning the abyss
Appealing to the Alternate,
Aimless arousal -
Artlessly arranged!