Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Withdrawals etcetera

If it is amusing that I got used to blogging on a daily basis, thanks to A-Z challenge and the little one Arpna, it is utterly amusing to experience the withdrawals like I'd been on some substance abuse ;-) So, just in desperation to keep at it as long as I have the will and the desire, I tread back into my cocoon, weaving more threads of verbal repose.
Sometimes, I sit and wonder what the purpose of life is, when we all perish one day - we take birth, grow, literally and figuratively, we accumulate wealth and knowledge, toil amid all challenges and negative emotions, and one day, we leave our body - just an other belonging, like our home, or family and our stuff - Our body! The way we address it just, ever so subtly, reinstates the fact that we are not our body. Okay, may be this would get too wet blankety, my ponder - but on a positive note - amid all this mad rush of living, I think God created us to enjoy the rest of his creations - thrive in the beauty of his nature, nurture our souls in the many positive aspects of life like loving, giving and sharing - and to realize how lucky we are to be humans that can think, act and create just like Mini mes of our Heavenly Father.

On a slightly different note, I want to confess that little things comprise of my big things. I am probably the one who is easily pleased - throw a smile my way, or just a simple gesture - I feel eternally grateful, radiantly alive and deeply moved. Also, things that show love, that are done with care and affection - be it little paper flowers, or Wonder of the world monuments all display the divine quality of love like nothing else. We shall all pass - but the truly blessed are the ones that leave behind legacies that live, and love that blossoms in the garden of many a heart! :-)

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