Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J for Jealousy - Day 10

We probably experience It as little children, when our parents attend to our siblings or praise a cousin. And then it grows with us, day bay day, slowly and surely! Jealousy is the resident evil of all the vices. As they say, all the deadly sins have some pleasure attached to them, except jealousy! When we are consumed with it, we lose our reason, judgement and peace of mind. We become a torment to ourselves! We spread the torment to the object of our jealousy as well, by making sly or rude remarks. It could be difficult to come to a point where we renounce it completely, but as long as we are making sure that we are not inflicting the wounds on others as well, we can save the world and make it a better place to live for ourselves and the people around us!

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  1. Ah so true! It creates a permanent headache too, which cannot be eradicated via Disprins! Stop pondering over things! Let go, live a freer life, no bondages! :-)