Saturday, January 02, 2010

Day 2

Why do kids talk so much? Or do I have a specimen on hand??

Aarti seems to have one question after another. Once about rain drops running diagonally across the car window and once about why a certain kid on the street is walking home alone, what his name is, what his mom's name is, where he lives and if he is walking alone since he actually got lost!
It gets a little too much sometimes but I can never figure if it is more of fun or stress to keep listening to the puppy like yapping in the background.

Children talk perhaps, in the process of growing up and understanding the world around them. Then I looked into myself and I realized I am much like my little girl, except my yapping is all in my mind. My mind engages itself in a incessant monologue - once thinking over about what to make for dinner and once to introspect my actions and words. Sometimes it is writing mental blogs and at times it is singing to itself trying to remember a lyric from my teenage years. So the yapping is probably a universal attribute except that we are not as free spirited as a kid to keep talking out loud.

Right now at this very moment, my mind speaks to me, the incessant monologue and asks me how I am going to over come the invisible blocks I see to keep procrastinating my blogging - now that I vowed to write everyday. I just do what I do when Aarti launches her unanswerable questions. "What do you think?" I ask my mind! The answers unfold as I write everyday.

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