Saturday, November 22, 2008


I should actually come up with a nice old original image, not necessarily funny or profound or meaningful, but original one for this bolg and all my blogs hereafter. Which gets me to the fact that Santoo the hippie younger bro is probably roaming about with my Nikon slr around his neck somewhere on the streets of Hyderabad (along with the brain and the moron perhaps) while I sit here in Mumbai, typing this blog:-) Crushes it is. I wonder how the term crush is derived. Crush has such a powerful, forceful, vengeful sound to it. May be that is what made someone come up with the term. So the focus is on my crushes - obviously! I'll keep the names concealed not because I am not proud of any of my series of crushes but just because I see the names as "not-necessary" in this context. The feel of my crushes or the way they evolved is more what I want to talk about. I hope you can connect with me:-)

Long before I learned how to read or add or subtract, I had a crush on my dad. yeah, kind of text book, kind of the thing you would hear form any well brought-up girl. And then came that guy in my class. I was in primary school but was old enough to know that the whole girl population in the class was crushing on him along my side. It was tough competition but I wish I had the nerve to tell him what I felt. He left the school and it was all out of mind the moment it was out of sight. But it was pretty powerful as long as it lasted.

Then I'd seen this guy in a dream like state, a real person though, that was ...possibly in middle school and had a crush on him. This was the biggest, most powerful crushes of mine. It lasted till I found my soul mate. Yeah, I told you, a pretty strong one:-)

Now Bobby Deol, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Khanna, Anil Kumble, Hrithik Roshan that guy I met in my sister's college, the English prof with grey hair and the short, stocky computer sir with thick glasses are all not discounted but are there, just reminding me of my many stages of evolving, of growing up:-) Looking back, I find that I'd crushed on a variety of people for a variety of reasons and the physical attraction seldom came into play. So attraction is actually so multi dimensional. Did some one say Love is blind? Crushes are in a way partially blind....a stage when you actually tend to look beyond what meets the eye to assimilate the part that meets it:-)In a way crushes are also chronicles of your mind set, your age, your likes, dislikes, vulnerabilities and impressions. Crushes are not as profound as love but equally powerful and life altering, just reminding us of our journey towards finding ourselves in our true partners:-)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Trumpet time:-)

I forgot to record this the last time it happened.

Aarti lies down on bed and I bend to take a peck on her cheek. She stops me, holds my face in her tender palms and says " look!! I am in your eyes".

I was startled the first time she said this since I look into her eyes a lot but never really cared to observe my reflection in them. She said this once again a while ago. I kissed her, looked into her eyes (at my reflection) and told her that I am in her eyes as well!!

Well, well, she does not buy that. She runs to the mirror, looks into the reflection and says, no you are not!

Ah, the precious moments of parenthood:-D.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recent Reads, Reviews follow.


Time is a very powerful thing. Volatile, quick to slip by but very powerful. I was in this city Mumbai a month and a half ago and 6 weeks looked awfully long to stay away from home. Yet, I am here almost packing my bags and coming up with a new fond inspiration to be svelte, sexy and what not? All in just 5 weeks. I'll explain svelte and sexy later since these terms need their own blog space but as of now time is one thing I want to focus on. It is amazing how seconds roll into minutes, minutes into days and days into decades and centuries. Time is money someone said - urging us to spend it wisely. But Time just passes by whether we choose to spend it or kill it unlike money which accumulates when not spent. Time makes us old, not necessarily wise or mature, but old. So time is definitely more than money. May be it is life since each passing moment brings us closer to the end of our time on earth and what we make out of the time on hand is entirely our call. We procrastinate things just in an illusion that we have unlimited time on hand...but once it is gone it is gone and time wasted is actually life wasted. But what exactly is spending time wisely? Are we supposed to slog our butts off being productive or is pausing to see the roses bloom or a baby laugh is wasting time? It is for us to decide. Time well spent is life well lived , brains well used, talents well explored , love well expressed, jobs well done, decisions well made and Beauty well appreciated. My stint in this city is all of the above and to commemorate the special five weeks of my life I had to own this Red Panda - A species that is at the verge of extinction, just like the time all of us have. Red Panda a symbol of my time well spent and a reminder of the clock that is ticking. A beautifully engraved brutal truth reminding me that I should live my time while I still have it:-)