Thursday, July 10, 2008


One of the things that never ceases to charm me is Rehman's ability to churn a better tune than the one before every time he is at churning one. It seems like yesterday that my laptop played Jodhaa Akbar on repeat (and it still plays Rang de Basanti till date) and comes the new tune on block in an effort to cheer the acidity causing Aditi, the lead of Jaane Tu!

I first listened to it in the wee hours of the morning while fighting a very strong urge to close the laptop and catch on some sleep, sply since my mind and body were functioning in a time zone three hours ahead. Then Santu comes and tells me about the song and how he'd listened to it on repeat all day. Okay, He's my kid bro and we have strong addictive tendencies meaning we'll do things repeatedly and with increasing passion every time we repeat it. So, addictive tendencies - inherited defect. Anyway, I listen to the song again and feel like a teenager. Probably like Aditi who is fortunate enough to have a dedicated group of friends who try to cheer her up. That is the ability of Rehman Bhayya. He makes me feel like the character involved in the song. I feel the heartbreak in Yeh Ajnabi, the vigor in Chayya Chayya, the playfulness in Yeh tara Who Tara, the devotion in Pal pal hai bhari, the sorrow in Lukkha Chuppi, the passion in Jiya Jale, the patriotism in Yeh jo des hai mera, the Love in Roja janeman and the energy in Rang de basanti. These are only a very very few of the emotions he makes me feel. For a song to do this to a hard to please person like me is pretty impressive. My "up scale taste"(read hard to please) as described my kid bro instantly approves the talent of Rehman. He makes me feel so much more of a better person when I listen to his music. Now, I don't know how some music can make anyone a better person, yeah it kind of sounds weird but it is exactly how Rehman bhayya's music makes me feel - better as a person. Probably because he shows to me thru the medium of his compositions, my ability to react to things! Doesn't make sense, I know! I cannot help it either! LOL.

So here goes a premature ending, just in awe, in absolute admiration for a talent so immense that it makes me wonder how it is humanly possible to be such an exhaustive source of art.

Rehman Bhayya, I bow to you and touch the feet of Saraswathi that lives in you!

Words fail me further.

BTW - For now, I am Aditi, mourning the little kitty:-)))

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


A dash of laughter
A pinch of a pinch
Probably of being human
Or inhuman?
A little woe
A wee frustration
Smidgen of childishness
Heap of introspection!
Immature conflicts within
Ripened thoughts to contradict

Life seems to be a celebration
Of occasions, victories, anniversaries
And most of all, the fight of living
With a conscience
Triumphant, tarnished, twisted
By some seriously silly thoughts!