Saturday, March 22, 2008


You never know when and where it strikes.
You never know how it comes to you, disguised in the form of a chipping trunk of a mammoth tree, The heart shaped lips of a fashion model, the crooked bend of a curvy path or even a remote control clutter on the coffee table.

To me it came today, in the form of an anonymous comment, calling my works fresh and original.

Thanks to the poster!

So a bunch of thanks with a capital T are in order.

Thanks to Lahari, Thanks to Ravi, Thanks to Krishna Kumar Uncle, Thanks to Satya, To Nalini, To Ram, To Sindhu and to everyone who treads this path and looks at my childish , stupid and meaningless blabbering as art,poetry and prose.

To each and everyone of you, I am most sincerely thankful.

(Makes me realise how a pair of eyes that can look at something can change its form from petty to pretty)


Sitting relaxed
Looking at the expanse of the world around
I enjoy the cool of being
Under your shade of protection.

Your grandiose persona
spreads itself
Like the branches of an evergreen
Basking under its shade
In a mystic ecstasy
I savour the bliss
Of knowledge -
Of knowing, Of loving,
Of living and giving.

Seasons change, leaves of blessings fall
Like cascades
Showering upon me
Countless wishes
Eternal hopes.
Your sacrifices, Your services
Into a worthwhile life like mine
And many more like mine.

You make me into a form
Nurturing me in the womb of your love.
I thrive on your affection
On your attention
Your devotion.

Curtains of gratitude fall
On the eyes of emotion
Hands join, lips whisper
Thanking a formless God
For giving you in alms
To a soul starving
For a glimpse of the Omnipresent
In your form
O mother.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Can't wait...

...To be on Carnival sipping a virgin Pina Colada and reading a book while feeling the cool breeze of the Pacific.

Can't wait to finis that load of laundry and get the closet in order.

Can't wait for friday cause it was just another Manic Monday.

Can't wait to write something meaningful. I'll probably do. I'll do. yea!