Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Om Scanty Om.

*******Spoiler alert*******
Don't tell me I didn't warn you.
Okay, here's my second look at Om scanty Om, the second baby of Farah Khan.
What is scanty here? Everything moi says. Logic to begin with, Originality, creativity and believability added to it. And the scantiest of all is the presence of Shanti that is minimal and overshadowed by none other than our King bhayya.

First things first. Deepika, the new model turned actor on block is unbelievably believable. Her dusky complexion, graceful dance moves and that dentfric smile makes a straight gal like me yearn for more and the icing on the cake is that she manages to act. Being an ardent admirer of Waheeda Rehman and her classic high cheek bones, I found Deepika a beauty fit to hold a candle to none other than late Guru Dutt's muse.

That six pack Salman claimed to have lent Shahrukh doesn't fit on the latter as perfectly as it fits on the former. Those pics you folks have seen floating around the world wide web are heavily - yeah, you are right - photoshopped. His item Darde disco fell flat except for Sukhwinder's soulful voice. He looked thin but not sleek and I did not understand why he had to try so hard. People watch him anyway. Don't you people??? And he doesn't really require to sport a six pack.

Shreyas Talpade has more to do than our good ol Shanti. And he did it well. Kirron Kher did a good job acting overacting. LOL. Her philmi maa attire is adorable in a strange way.

Now to the story line. It is a formula one straight out of 70s. Many of Farah's tricks looked stale and downright copied. From Dhoom tana which looked like a rip off from her Cousin Farhan Akthar's "Woh Ladki Hai Kahan" to the title track which reminded me of some Amithab's song it was all recycling. No marks for creativity. No, not even a half.

"Titles like Phir Bhi dil hai NRI" and "Main Bhi hoon naa" got meek responses from the audince. Moi says they were okay. I have seen a lot of Farah Khan on Indian Idol season 2 and the way she talks irks me. Her dance moves are very creative. Her direction is entertaining but anything else, it is'nt.

KK's song rocks. Music rocks too. Arjun Rampal doesn't have much to deliver.
The session where Shahrukh imitates Rajnikanth is where I laughed. that was done well.

I wondered aloud the other day that Om shanti Om is a very childish movie. My kid brother, a die hard Shahrukh fan, jumped in defense and said something like ' I did not go to the movie to become a man. I wanted entertainment and got the bang for my buck" Well, if you are like him, you'll like it. If you are like me you won't. Because all said and done, OSO is a very childish movie.

The box office, I understand, begs to differ. But I think that is just desperate janta watching the best of the worst. Definitely not a Shahrukh kind of a hit.

OSO will be forgotten for a lot of reasons. I would, however, remember it for one thing for ever. It is Aarti's first movie in the theatre and she was a doll. With a bag of pop corn in her hand and her little mouth busy chewing, she did not just stare at the screen with animated eyes but she also looked like she was enjoying what she was seeing. This one, probably is another one of those who do not want to become a man/woman watching a movie.

I was better off reading that two and a half hours, had it not been for Aarti;-))