Tuesday, October 02, 2007


It was a nice evening. We were celebrating Shailu's first time visit to the bay area after she had moved to Texas and had her second child, a second girl. We wanted all the kids to come and pose for the camera. All of us were startled, some of us aloud, and some of us silently, at the sight of all the kids gathered together.
It was a nice evening as I'd mentioned. An evening of reunion and celebration. An evening of home made food, over stimulated kids howling at the top of their lungs and running around and grouping together to pose for our cameras and in the process letting us all know how truly blessed we are by their presence in our families. An evening of conscious realisation of how cozy, lovey dovey couples became moms and dads and cherished life's better things.
Picture : Front most, Aarti in her traditional attire (orange parikini) Anvita in her purple Pj's, Pranavi seating left to her (in lavender top) Vivek the baby of the gang (in the baby chair)
Extreme right is Atharv (orange t shirt) Sivani is black and white and a "say cheese" smile. Priyanka, the lil girl standing(full head of hair) The guy in specs far away (kush) Nimeshika (behind Anvita) and Shailu holding her second daugher (Anishka)
Missing are Advaita, Swetha and Srinath.