Sunday, August 20, 2006


Okay, I am ready to experiment with Aarti's food. I ask a gazillion people, I get a gazzilion advice. All different and contradicting one another. I am not sure where to start and with what to start. My Doc says such and such things are okay. Some website says they are not. An advice nurse I talked to gives me a long list and says, "Just feed her what ever works out of these". Yes, confusing indeed. I remember my youngest sibling being fed on solids. There wasn't this much speculation about the process. Yeah, that was 20 years ago. But it doesn't seem that long. The luscious beets I see in the Indian store and the cricket ball sized peaches in our backyard beckon to me - "Puree us and feed us to Aarti"
Obsessively, I google and find out more confusing info. Why don't I just go ahead and start with something not too experimental? Is it the over protective parent in me? Am I ending up where I thought I should never end up? "In the international parents club of paranoia?"
Aarti's little mouth that savors the rice cereal with somuch interest is sure to enjoy the other foods nature has to offer. I should make sure I enjoy giving them to her.